My Natural Soaps

My soaps are naturally made, they contain no artificial ingredients, fragrances or color. They provide an alternative to synthetic and toxic chemicals found in regular soaps.
Synthetic soaps contain alkali salts, artificial colors and fragrances (made from petrochemicals), which are harsh and drying.
My natural soaps are made with vegetable oils such as olive oil (known for centuries for its moisturizing benefits), palm oil, coconut oil, jojoba, and shea butter; essential oils (natural plant based), plant extracts for coloring, herbs and grains. Many of the herbs in my soap are from my garden and they are organically grown.
Experience the rich lather and moisturizing feel, they are mild yet many contain natural exfoliating ingredients such as poppy seed, citrus peel and oatmeal.
Remember your skin is the largest organ, and whatever is applied is absorbed through the pores and into the system, you deserve the very best. your health is your greatest wealth.


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